About us

Ozer International Corp. was organized by medical professionals and senior executives from multinational conglomerates. Initially focusing on providing personal skin care products and medical instruments to hospitals and beauty clinics, it was expanded and reorganized in 2011. Now Ozer partners include hospitals, clinics, healthcare institutions, cosmetic manufacturers, beauty centers, travel agencies, photographers, academicians, and lawyers. This new composition is designed to ensure the best quality service to Ozer customers in order to refresh and enrich their outer and inner life.

The name Ozer derived from Tibetan འོད་ཟེར Which means “the light of wisdom” This symbolizes Ozer mission “to brighten the world with Ozer incessant exploration of highest knowledge and technology”

Ozer International Corp. is composed of three business units – Medical and Healthcare, Cosmetic and Personal Care, Wellness Tourism. Nonetheless, staff and resources can be organized and dispatched to fulfill tailor-made requirements of Ozer customers.

Medical and Healthcare

Ozer started from making anti pressure ulcer alternating pressure pump mattress overlay systems when established. More recently, we began to introduce static type anti bedsore product series. It includes seat cushions, pillows, mattress, topper overlays, etc. Made from US patented temerature sensitive materials, our static product series can be used as medical use, home use, and worksite use.

Besides, Ozer is determined to apply our manufacturing experience and certified medical standards to develop more home use equipments/appliance to satisfy health conscious consumers worldwide.


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